Discover Your Next Opportunity with Coveted Care

The Coveted Care platform empowers independent caregivers to choose their own assignments. With our support, you can build a truly fulfilling caregiving career, all while earning better pay rates. Join our platform today and take the first step towards a more rewarding future. We are excited to match you with a compatible client!

As a skilled and empathetic caregiver, you deserve a more fulfilling career path that gives you greater control. Join our network if you have the following qualifications:

  • Must have 2 or more years experience as a caregiver
  •  Must provide proof of professional certifications (CNA, PCA, LPN, RN, etc.) and a valid CPR certification
  •  Must provide appropriate documentation to prove legal work status in the United States (Permanent Resident Card or US Passport, Social Security Card, Work Permit)
  • Must have a clean criminal background check dating back to 7 years
  • Must provide a chronological list of work history with professional references that can be verified
  • Must have reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license with clean driving record.
  • Must provide proof of valid car insurance
  • Must provide updated medical records and health certificates as applicable (e.g. Covid vaccine, Hepatitis B screening, etc.)

To be a caregiver with Coveted Care, you must have at least two years of hands-on experience, a professional certification, proof of legal residency, a clean criminal background check, positive professional references, reliable transportation, and current health certificates as applicable.

Caregivers can expect to make a substantially better wage while delivering vital services to seniors and their families.

The purpose of this platform is to connect caring and dependable independent caregivers with seniors and their families who require professional care. For that reason, we offer our caregivers and families options for placement. We are looking for long term solutions for senior care and companionship.